Roll Thunder EP

by Daniel Fields

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With his Roll Thunder EP, Daniel Fields invites the listener into a deftly performed, delicately mixed collection of songs. The sound is expansive and enveloping, but ultimately the EP is an intimate affair united in themes of love, absence, and contemplation of the human condition. Fields draws inspiration from American roots music, but does not imitate his predecessors. Instead he synthesizes his influences into an individual and organic work of music that envelops you like an old friend.
-Montgommery "Blackbird" Jackson III


released March 27, 2012

All words and music written and performed by Daniel Fields
Recorded and mixed by Daniel Fields in Pittsboro, NC
Mastered by Joe MacPhail in Oberlin, OH
Artwork by Tamsen Hall



all rights reserved


Daniel Fields Pittsboro, North Carolina

Daniel Fields was born and raised in Pittsboro, NC. He played guitar and sang in the Chapel Hill band Old 86 for many years, as well as doing session work and working as a producer/recording engineer for various local artists. In March 2012 he released the EP "Roll Thunder", his first solo release to date. ... more

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Track Name: It Don't Mean A Thing
It don't mean a thing
That you're on my mind
I just can't fall asleep, that's all

Swim against the tide
Happens all the time
We just keep moving in circles

I say the wrong things
It sounds so absurd
I just keep wishing we were older

Misery never felt as bad
As the joy I'm feeling now
It don't hurt that much
I'm just a little out of touch

It don't mean a thing
I just need a drink
But I'm already falling over

The things in your head
That can't be spoken
I know how it seems sometimes

Have some sympathy
I have none to give
I don't understand you at all

You will never really know
What I think when I'm alone
Please don't misinterpret me
There's nothing more to see (here to read)

It don't mean a thing
Just another song
About noone at all, I swear
Track Name: Mourning Sun
I drive fast
But I never crash
& I hug the curves
As long as they'll last

If nobody's home
I'll go it alone
& smile through
The thick & the thin

I hear that train
Pulling away
& that whistle
Crying out to the blue

It's hard to see
What she sees in me
I'm funny, I guess

That mourning sun
Wakes me up
It wakes me
It breaks me up

That boxcar door
Closes once more
& the train rolls away
Out of sight
Track Name: Tell Me
No one told me what the plan was
& now I found out that no one has the answer
No one could tell me what a man is
& now I know a man is always alone

So tell me, why don't we get together?
Tell me, what's stopping us from being in love?

I'll stay up through the night just to watch the sunrise
& I'll go out in the day, just in case death calls my name
I'll sit still so I can hear my heartbeat
Just to make sure my life is still slipping away

So tell me, can we ever be parted?
Tell me, what's stopping us from being in love?

Wouldn't the world be a little darker without me?
But only the skies can scorn my fate
Wouldn't this life be just a little bit colder?
Couldn't you still smile at any time of day?

So tell me, if you even have the answer
Tell me what's stopping us from being in love
Track Name: Someday (My Whole Life)
Close your eyes
That's my voice keeping me alive
That's your song
That you hear, but I'm gone
I'm all gone

Don't you know
I guess I can't stand the cold
What you hear
Is all that's left, now I'm gone
I'm all gone

Your body drove me crazy
& I saw my whole life in your eyes
"Someday" is my name now
"Someday" is my whole life

Sit in the dark
& know we'll never be apart
Part of you
I took with me, now I'm gone
I'm all gone

Can you feel
Part of me in all that you hear?
All for you
Now for you, I'm gone
I'm all gone

Your body drove me crazy
& I saw my whole life in your eyes
"Someday" is my name now
"Someday" is my whole life

All for you
& everything you put me through
But your song
Hasn't been sung, I'll stay around
I'll stay for now

Your answers always silence
& you wear no veil over your eyes
"Someday" is my name now
"Someday" is my whole life

My heart aches for you
You are the stone in my hand
My heart breaks over you
It will be you in the end
In the end

I'm thinking of you
But I see the circumstance
& I know that
To rest is to last
& I'm going to last

Your answers always silence
& you wear no veil over your eyes
"Someday" is my name now
"Someday" is my whole life
Track Name: Madison
These streets dies in the war
Windows black as the night
Eyes fixed on the floor
Murmurs of "nevermore"

It's only birds up in the sky
Tapping at the door
Echoing the far-off cries
Chanting a million goodbyes

Every field turns cobblestone grey
In every vein the thunder rolls
Paint our skin with bloodstained clay
A million pairs of eyes turn away

The river twists to a far off shore
She reflects the light of her sun
She is everything that came before
But shall return nevermore

She came to stay